Does Kendricke Ever Shut Up?

Posted: June 19, 2007 by Kendricke in Out of Character

Well, does he?

The short answer is (suprisingly):  yes.  However, it’s not often, and usually involves a long day at work, a TiVo full of shows to catch up on, and something cold, wet, with plenty of hops and/or barley. 

It took a while for me to finally figure out my stride on the Tracker here, but now that I have, I’m having trouble slowing down.  As of late, I often find myself pushing two or even three articles out per day, and those articles usually end up leading to several more ideas I’d like to share my views on.

It never ceases to amaze me that people read all this.  However, it never amazes me to see how many people disagree with me.  😉

I’m enjoying the venue so far, and I’ll keep writing as long as I keep coming up with ideas to push.  Good, bad, or horrible, I’ll just keep yapping till I finally get tired, and find myself rooting around in the fridge while wondering what’s on TiVo. 

In the meantime, here’s a short list of topics I’m hoping to expound upon soon (i.e. – half written articles I’m too embarrased or frustrated by to post quite yet):

  • Ye Sank My Battleship, Yarrr!
  • What’s In A Name?
  • Do You Believe in Magic?
  • I Think I’m Alone Now
  • 58 character models on the wall…
  • Everquest 2: Mid-Year Review
  • Guild Rewards and the Single Guy
  • It’s the year 2007: Where are all the Flying Cars?
  • How To Turn Friends and Recruit People
  • Meet the Family?
  • Character Rings?
  • Fossil Remains Indicate Sarnaks Related to Chickens

Disclaimer:  Many of these posts may never see the light of day.  Some posts may change titles, topics, or taste.  Please do not expose topics to direct sunlight. 

  1. ogrebear says:

    I do the same thing i have a bunch of unfinished topics on my blog that i haven’t finished or don’t feel like there ready

  2. Loralor says:

    I’ve known you for what? 6-7 years now? T’was a log time ago in a realm full of conflicts. In that time, gaming forums were full of arguments and petty battles…

    But one boy stood out throu all that. With long essays full of researched material, innovative ideas, creative flaming and precise arguments, he mades both friends and ennemies in a single sentence.

    Ever since we moved out of that realm, you have reigned yourself down… Reduced your infamous speeches to mere shadows of their former glory, for the sake of adaptation to new realities.

    It’s about time you got back into it. Your head is full of ideas, toughts, opinions, frustrations and joys that need to get out. Philosophy, politics, world news, gaming industry, family & friends, day-to-day randomness, social studies, business management… Name it, no subject has ever scared you… Writing is your medium. Use it to the fullest.

    I, for one, will gladly enjoy reading it, as always!

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