Whaddya Mean, “It’s Pink!?”

Posted: June 12, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, General Game Concepts

You finally dropped that dragon.  The raid leader unlocks the chest to find several pieces of armor you’ve never seen before.  An auction is opened and you quickly scan the other members of the raid to figure out how much you should bid to pick up the new armor.  The winner is called out – it’s you!  A window appears asking if you want to accept the no trade loot from the raid leader.  You choose yes.  Everyone crowds around you to see the new armor – “put it on!” and “let us see it” they say.  You open your inventory and click on the new armor.  The icon suggests it’s an appropriate blood red colored breastplate.  You equip the armor.

“HAHA – It’s PINK!!!”, someone shouts in voice chat. 

With cutting edge graphics eating up more and more of the system costs for our MMO gaming experiences these days, why is it that some of these “next gen” games still haven’t gotten around to providing ways to better help accessorize?  Big Daddy Warcraft figured it out a while ago, while other games (such as my beloved Everquest 2) are still doddering around in the virtual dark ages of online fashion.

You just bid the points it took you weeks or even months of raiding on an item that you never saw.  Think about that for a moment.  Would you wander over to eBay and bid any real amount of money on new clothes if there was no picture?  How would you feel if the picture online didn’t match the jeans you just pulled out of the UPS box?  What if the next time you go to the store to buy a new coat, they take your measurements at the door and then ask you to pay for the coat …and only show you the coat after you hand over the cash?

It doesn’t make much sense to me, either. 

We need a way to preview items in Everquest 2 before we commit to clicking on “accept”.  Whether it be new furniture for our homes we’re thinking about buying from the broker or whether it’s a new breastplate that drops in a group, having a preview button should be standard functionality at this point. 

This is hardly a new idea.  It’s certainly not my idea.  But it still annoys me nightly.  I know I’m not the only one, either.

  1. Broom says:

    Having played both WOW and Everquest 2 to raid levels I will say, hands down, that the “preview” armour/weapons feature in WOW is fantastic. I am glad to see that it is incorporated into LOTRO as well (just picked that up this weekend). I think WOW brought alot to the table insofar as “player focused” extras that EQ2 simply has not. I am not sure that they can incorporate that into EQ2 at this point. EQ2 was a great game but I moved partly due to the lack of itemization and (tho it may sound shallow) armour graphics. I think they both were tremendously lacking imo. In LOTRO you can dye your armour if you like. This is very exciting to me!

  2. Xeavn says:

    Having played both games as well I have to admit that there are certain choices and features that I really like from both games. World of Warcraft gets a lot of things right. The Dressing Room feature is one of those things. I also personally put Armor and Weapon design into that category. Sometimes the design doesn’t look good to me personally, or a certain item is a little wierd, but high end weapons look high end, and armor sets match and stand out.

    After all if you are going to spend time and effort and raid to get these items they should be noticable, and stand out above your average armor. I feel WoW has accomplished this.

    One of the things that Everquest 2 did quite well that I personally really enjoyed was Collection Quests. They were quite optional, and there is no reason that I should be running around trying to find seashells, or bird feathers, I found it quite enjoyable to try and find them all. Another feature I personally really enjoyed was the housing in Everquest 2. Granted it gained my adventurer nothing to have a cool pet in my house or that nice looking set of chairs, but it somehow brought a little more realism to the game. It made me identify with my character more.

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