An Anvil’s Black and Shiny

Posted: June 7, 2007 by Kendricke in Everquest 2, Warcry

Over at Warcry, we reported that we’d managed to find a small list of accidently released names of potential spells or acheivements from Ruins of Kunark.  Hidden within the other error messages, we found one for an apparant diety ability entitled “Anvils of Fizzlethorpe”. 

For those of you without any idea what this could possibly mean, pull up a chair and I’ll happily talk about one of my favorite Norrathian Gods, “Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane”.

As the original Everquest manual stated:

Followers of Bristlebane believe in having fun, at the expense of nearly all else. Bards, rogues, jesters, gamblers and Gypsies are all typical followers. They are almost always very charming, clever, and witty, traits which all Bristlebane followers should strive to have. Mischief in all its forms is encouraged. Practical jokes are performed as if they are the highest of rituals. Very few of Bristlebane’s followers are outright wicked in their desires but it is best to keep at least one eye on your purse if they are about. And never let one deal you a hand of King’s Court.

Fizzlethorpe is often just referred to as “Bristlebane”, which isn’t entirely an accurate depiction of Norrath’s “King of Thieves”.  However, when Xev server was introduced originally in mid-2000 (a destination server for Tarew and Povar server splits), Verant/SOE didn’t want to confuse players with the already existing Bristlebane server, which actually lead to a great many players who didn’t even realize “Bristlebane” had a first name…much less a brother.

Xev and Fizzlethorpe are the brothers Bristlebane, with Xev being the God of Good Fortune.  When you set up your broker for the night, it’s Xev that your character just said a silent prayer to.  When you try to sell an item as a joke to someone else, it’s good ole’ Fizzlethorpe you’re sending your cosmic vibes to.

Now, obviously by this point, you’re starting to get an idea what Bristlebane’s really like.  He doesn’t like to work, and so there’s really just one use left for something like an anvil if you’re Fizzlethorpe, right?

Yakko : An anvil’s black and shiny
Dot : It’s very heavy too
Wakko : So watch out, my chubby friend
Together : Or one will fall on you!
Baloney: (spoken) On me? Heh hah huh huh!

-The Anvil Song, Animaniacs

I’m really looking forward to Rise of Kunark.  Presuming they ever get around to allowing it, I have at least three characters who will likely be converting to follow Fizzlethorpism, er, Bristlebanian, er, the God of Mischief. 

  1. ogrebears says:

    Bristlebane isn’t one of the gods they announced for Rok….

  2. kendricke says:

    Isn’t that ever so interesting, though…

  3. kendricke says:

    If you note the error message we found, it doesn’t attach the Fizzlethorpe ability to “expansion_04”. Free content like Neriak and Unrest, perhaps?

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