Beers with Moorgard, part 1

Posted: May 16, 2007 by Kendricke in 38 Studios, Gaming Sites, Interviews, Out of Character, The Gaming Industry

Moorgard’s back in town (for you ignorant heathens out there, “in town” means the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Meen-a-so-tah) for some personal matters, and I’ve managed to wrangle him into letting me buy him a few beers.  As a pleasant surprise, we’ll also be joined by none other than Cuppycake and Brent from Virgin Worlds

I last saw Moorgard at the 2006 SOE FanFaire in Atlanta, and I had the pleasure of meeting Brent at O’Hare airport on the way to the San Diego Summit in February of this year.  Both are incredibly intelligent and articulate gents with a passion for gaming…which basically makes them little more than well spoken geeks by necessity.  😉

Now, I haven’t had the honor of meeting Ms. Cuppycake in person, but we’ve been sparring on forums for most of the past 4 years, since her days posting on as “Zodiak”.  I was actually surprised to learn she was from the Twin Cities area, and I’m looking forward to tipping a few mugs with her tonight, as well.

That said, I really am looking forward to tonight.  I’m sure gaming will be brought up, but I don’t expect any amazing interviews or articles to come forward due to the meet up.  It’s just as likely that we’ll talk about living in Boston, the Twin’s chances of a new stadium this year, or even discussions on the weather (we really like to talk weather in Minnesota, doncha know).  Believe it or not, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back with folks who share your passions and just talk shop without any real expectations.  That said, I’d be shocked if Brent didn’t bring a mic or recorder or some similar device.  I mean…well, he IS Brent, after all.

Oh, I’m sure we’ll all pump Moorgard for information about what’s going on at 38Studios without really meaning to.  I’m sure Sigil’s current situation will come up.  We’ll probably talk a bit about Neriak and Kunark, and likely discuss a bit about Lord of the Rings Online.  We’ll go a few rounds with Dr. Hops and Mr. Barley and share some in-game stories from around the net, and then we’ll get back to the serious discussion of how best to mess around with gold farmers.  😉

At the end of the day, regardless of day jobs, we’re all just gamers at heart…and gamers – true gamers – like to talk about (what else?) games we play.  We want to share strats, discuss ideas, and figure out who really pwned who back when. 

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. 

  1. Cuppycake says:

    I’m excited to meet you Kendricke, and also Steve too of course =) I work with Brent, so I’m lucky enough to see him every day. Oh, and I would LMAO if he brings any sort of recorder – but you’re right, it *is* Brent after all 😉

    Anyway, hopefully the conversation doesn’t get TOO rabid. I know you and I have butted heads on forums in the past 😉

  2. […] out to have a beer tonight with Kendricke, Brent, and Moorgard. Things like this don’t happen in Minnesota, we’re usually busy […]

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