Shameless Plug: EQ2 Daily

Posted: March 1, 2007 by Kendricke in Gaming Sites

I’ve decided to spend a little time here and there mentioning some of the sites I visit on a regular basis in an attempt to drive what little traffic I can in their directions.  So, to start with…

I met these guys at the recent San Diego Summit who I spent a fair amount of time with.  Rot and Val (along with their cohort Cyanbane) form up the core of

It’s a great site with a ton of parsed news dealing with the wonderful world of EQ2 and MMO’s in general. If you don’t have time to run around looking through fansites and blogs to see who’s updated today, all you have to do is hit their site for all the news in one location.

While you’re there, make sure to download their latest podcast (or just hit up their considerable library of such recordings). I’ll admit that I hadn’t really paid it much attention previous to meeting them, but over the past month as I’ve attempted to catch up on their shows, I’m quickly becoming a pretty die-hard fan.

So, give ’em a go. Chances are you’ll find their site to be pretty much a required daily visit soon enough.

  1. kendricke says:

    For my next shameless plug, a discussion on how Rot and Val differ in their abilities to hold their alchohol…


  2. Spyte says:

    Just wanted to add my respectful praise to the work of the guys at EQ2daily. I started listening to the podcast about 2 months after starting to play eq2. Without their ‘casts and site there’s a pretty good chance I would have surrendered to my confusion about the game and jacked it in.

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