Non-Traditional Rewards

Posted: February 14, 2007 by Kendricke in General Game Concepts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the idea of non-traditional or even ‘fluff” rewards.   Most of these are specific to Everquest 2 right now, but could easily apply to other games (now or in the future): 

Emotes as Rewards:

 I was very pleased to see the idea that one of the rewards for this year’s Erollisi day is a choice between two different emotes. This is a long overdue and innovative reward idea that I feel could be expanded upon. For example, imagine some quest rewards that allowed for the long missing /rofl emote. Imagine a /sworddance emote or even specific /classdance emotes.

Each of these could be fun rewards built into quest lines that would advance the game without directly awarding gear or further cluttering hotkeys with “fluff spells”.

Moods as Rewards:

Similar to the above, I’d like to see more /moods used as rewards. Ideally, this would lead to special alternate /emotes that only work with certain moods. For example, earning the “/mood silly” mood might lead to a different type of “/dance”. A “/mood drunk” might lead to a very interesting version of “/flirt”.

Signatures for Signatures:

Imagine new signature quest lines that ended with an in-game memorial being placed publically that actually states the name/guild/date of the first person to complete a particular quest line. Really interesting quests could involve a statue being erected based on the character model of the first person (though that involves art assets). The idea here is loosely based on the old “Kendricke was here” markings that appeared all over the old world in original release.

Claiming the Land:

Imagine if certain dungeons or other instances would start to include your guild design on the tapestries within, based on whether or not you’d completed this particular dungeon/setting/difficulty already. You could take it a step further to only show such flags in the specific areas already completed. This could work very well in new guild raids.

Dungeon Replay:

Complete the Obelisk of Blight dungeon right now and you get…to do it again later if you want. What if completing it the first time opened access to a second story taking place in the same dungeon. Now that you’ve defeated the forces in the Tower, they’ve begun to send an army of Nightbloods to begin repairs on the same dungeon (something similar to Nek 2 and Nek 3 even…but with prerequisites).

You could set it up on solo dungeons, even. Complete this dungeon by yourself, and now you’ve opened the group version. Complete the group version, and you open an even more difficult solo version…which opens a new, more difficult group version.

An advantage here is that few art assets would need to be created and it adds a legitimate immersive purpose to reusing the same geometry/maps.

New Quested Recipes:

I’d love the idea that you could only receive certain recipes if you completed certain quests (there could be multiple paths to gaining recipes, mind you). What if you had to fulfill an old monk’s request to recreate an old family recipe for a particular wine he used to love, and as part of the reward for completing the rather long quest line, you get the old family recipe for yourself (product could be no value/no trade).

Unlock new UI features:

What if helping the gnomes in Steamfont gave you access to a new tinkered timepiece…and that could be used to replace the sun/moon dial on your UI if you wanted.

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