What we had and what we have…

Posted: June 20, 2006 by Kendricke in Uncategorized

When Everquest 2 was first announced, many press releases and interviews trumpted the fact that this new game's design, though dramatically different from it's predeccessor, would profit from the experience of what came before.  It's been a few years now since most of us remember first reading those bold statements here and there, peppered around the web.  We gobbled it up, too – like candy. 

Yet, here we are, over a year and a half since the release of Everquest 2, and I find that in conversations from some of my older guildmates (those who remember the old Norrath), we're still missing some basic functionality from Everquest.  I'd like to bring up some of those lost features here, to see what else we (myself and my 3 loyal readers) recall from our Everquest glory days: 

  • Raid Window Functionality
    I can't begin to tell you how much I miss the Everquest raid window.  Released with the Planes of Power expansion in October of 2002, this was a set of basic, basic functions that we all absolutely appreciated at the time.  Here's a short list of functions we could perform in Everquest over three years ago that are missing today in Everquest 2:

    • Ability for Raid Leader to assign Looters/Loot officers (in EQ2, only the raid leader can assign loot directly)
    • Ability for Raid Leader to assign group leaders (In EQ2, you ask the current group leader to reassign leadership)
    • Ability to invite a single person to a raid (In EQ2, you can only invite groups to a raid – you can't invite single persons)
    • Ability to kick anyone from a raid (In EQ2, only group leaders can kick individuals from the raid – and only then if they are in the same zone).
    • Ability to recolor class text.  All your wizards could be blue and your clerics could be red.  (In EQ2, you can't customize colors on the fly.  This has to be created using a custom UI).
  • LFG/LFM window
    This came out with the Legacy of Ykesha extension, back in February of 2003.  You could filter which players/guilds you wouldn't group with, preferred to group with, specifically which classes you wanted, and by how much time you had available.  It was great!
  • Guild Tribute System
    Released with the Omens of War expansion in late 2004, just before the release of Everquest 2, the Guild Tribute system is still a great idea.  The basic concept would translate well to Everquest 2's current status system.  Basically, it's a way for guild's to spend status flat out, by having members donate status directly to the guild itself (in order to purchase the bonuses up front – think of an Achievement system for a guild as a whole) and then the individuals within the guild choose whether or not to opt in on certain rewards (which could cut back on personal and/or guild status).  By the way, having guild owned status would be a great way to lead into true guild halls…
  • Racial Armors 
    For the love of Marr, Brell, and anyone else who might care…give Halasians their kilts, humans their heraldic breastplates, gnomes their clockwork armors, and trolls their bone helms. 
  • Racial Tradeskilling
    Yes, it's nice to get a little bonus to provisioning if you play as a halfling…but can't we see specific recipes which are limited to specific races once again?  Right now, there's little to no difference – at ALL – between most characters.  (I seem to recall posting about this somewhere.)

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